Wheelchair accessible hotel rooms Fethiye,  wheelchair accessible excursions and wheelchair accessible activities options for wheelchair users and other disabled as Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired in Fethiye

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Fethiye

Wheelchair accessible hotel rooms Fethiye, wheelchair accessible excursions and activities for disabled as Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Speech Impaired or wheelchair user in Fethiye

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Fethiye

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Fethiye

Wheelchair accessible hotel rooms Fethiye, wheelchair accessible excursions and activities for disabled as Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Speech Impaired or wheelchair user in Fethiye

Fethiye, not only in Turkey, is one of the major tourist destinations in the world. It makes a difference with its valleys, bays, islands, beaches, activities and extreme nature sports. For young people on wheelchair who love adrenaline and nature, Fethiye is the first preferable city.

It is currently not possible to provide wheelchair transportation within the city by public transportation. Wheelchair accessible minibuses (with a lift or ramp) owned by MobilityTurkey facilitate the daily needs of wheelchairs by renting in the Fethiye. Although the urban public transportation network does not develop much in line with the needs of the disabled, Fethiye Municipality has been investing heavily in the last 2 years, with its roads and beaches designed for the disabled. The most important of these is that in Calis Beach, according to the needs of wheelchairs, Fethiye Municipality has prepared a private pier so that the wheelchair users can swim comfortably, sunbathe and enjoy the sea. The lift on this pier allows wheelchair users to jump in the water and swim comfortably. In addition, wheelchair accessible special dressing cabinets, accessible shower areas and walking paths for wheelchairs were installed on the beach.

Although there are many 4 and 5 star hotels in Fethiye, the number of hotels with architectural structure suitable for wheelchair access is limited. Considering the geographical features of the Fethiye region, the most suitable hotels to stay here are those located around Calis Beach. Although there are many natural wonders in the Fethiye region (like '' Kabak '' bay or Butterfly Valley), access to them is not very easy for wheelchair users due to geographical reasons.

From scuba diving to paragliding, from rafting to jeep safari, Many activities suitable for wheelchair access can be done in Fethiye. The most suitable things to do in Fethiye for wheelchair user and other disabled, are as follows.

Oludeniz Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Ölüdeniz has been the subject of many prestigious magazines or press worldwide.  This magnificent beachfront is wheelchair accessible. However, in order to be on this beach, you have to pay an entrance fee. Since it is very crowded, it is necessary to go early to find a place in the sea-view sunbed.  However, the sunbed that you will use by the sea are chargeable also.  Although there is a walking path for wheelchair access on the beach, we recommend that you to take beach wheelchair with you while going there.

Babadağ Paragliding: The most famous activity that can be done in Fethiye is paragliding. We recommend wheelchair users who want to experience confident and different experiences to do this adrenaline-filled activity. You will enjoy the view of conquest while feeling the adrenaline all over your body

Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay: Both the Butterfly Valley and the Kabak Bay are wonder of nature. There is no transportation by land. However, it can be reached only by boat. Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access from the boat to the beach also. You can only see these beauties from the boat, but unfortunately, you cannot enjoy its unique beaches.

Paspatur (Old Town): Paspatur, located in the center of Fethiye, takes a mystical journey with its souvenir shops, cafes, tapestries, rugs, boutiques and jewelry shops. It is a traditional market and suitable for wheelchair access.

Paradise and Katrancı Bay: Just like in Butterfly Valley, here you can only go by boat. It is one of the rare beauty bays that can be seen by taking a boat tour.

Kayakoy: The history of this place dates back to 3 thousand BC. Fethiye center is only 8 km away. Kayakoy, an ancient Greek settlement, was abandoned after the First World War and became a ghost village. The interior of the village built on the mountain slope is not suitable for wheelchair user. However, you can see the mountain slope in the village square and enjoy by watching hundreds of stone houses under protection.

Gemiler Island: Gemiler bay and island are located a few kilometers from Kayaköy. In ancient times it was also used as a safe harbor, where pirates were hiding. Gemiler Bay is one of the most beautiful bays to swim in Fethiye today. Here is suitable for wheelchair user. You can spend hours here and enjoy the forest, Gemiler Island and the unique beach opposite Gemiler Bay.

Fethiye Museum: Located in the center of Fethiye, the entrance is free of charge to this museum. One of the places to has to be seen in city center. the museum of Fethiye is wheelchair accessible. it has many historical monuments and sculptures.

Patara Ancient City: This city, founded by the nymph Lykia, was the capital of the Lycian civilization. With its unique beach and breathtaking view, it fascinates visitors. Since it is the only port opening to the sea in antiquity, you will experience the ancient era among the historical ruins of Patara Ancient City, which has always preserved its importance, especially the Roman roads, basilica and theater and You will be excited to spend time on the natural beach. Patara Ancient City and Beach is suitable for wheelchair user, but it will be better to take the beach wheelchair with you to make it more comfortable on the beach.

The best wheelchair accessible hotels in Fethiye:

- Jiva Beach Resort (Located in Calis Beach)

- Sensatori Resort Barut Fethiye (located in Calis Beach)

- Club Hotel Letoonia (Located in Fethiye Center)

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