Eye Treatments Antalya Turkey

Eye Treatments

Eye Treatments Antalya Turkey

Eye Treatments

Eye Treatments

Eye Treatments Antalya Turkey

Our eyes, which are one of our five senses, allow us to hold onto life by seeing the beauty of the world. They have an important place in the field of learning and perception. Age, genetic diseases and external factors can negatively influence these. But with current technology, many treatment methods for eye diseases have been developed. Many eye diseases can be treated with robotic methods.

The most important factor in eye diseases is also an early diagnosis. Therefore, any discomfort should not be ignored and visual inspections should be performed periodically.

Eye diseases and their treatments;

There are special condensers in the structure of our eyes. Cataract occurs because the external factors make these senders transparent in old age. All objects we see are blurred. Advanced cataract also causes confusing objects. The success rate in cataract treatment with surgery is high.

Eye pressure;
Popularly known as eye pressure, this diasease is defined as glaucoma. Glacuma, which can be treated with early diagnosis and early treatment, is a serious illness that can lead to loss of vision. Therefore, an annual eye examination should be conducted annually.

Glacuma treatment is done in 3 ways:
Drug therapy
Surgical therapy
Laser therapy

Sharp of the cornea;
This diease, known as keratokonus, occurs with progressive thinning or sharpening of the transparent area, which is the cornea, which is located on the top layer of the eye.

It is more common in the adolescence period and generally comes to the attention of the 1920s. Treatment of this disease, which is increasingly common with the aging of the world population, is carried out by expert doctors with regular follow-up.

The glasses are initially applied to the treatment. Intraocular ring treatment is one of the effective methods. It is not visible from the outside, but the patient can take it out at any time. There is nothing wrong with his life-long arrest.

Grinding of the cornea can be prevented by a cross-kinking method where the cornea molecules can be influenced. Another treatment method for this is corneal transplantation. The operation is performed with general anesthesia and the patient feels no pain. Finally, one of the methods to exclude corneal grinding is excimer laser.

Retinis Pigmentosa;
This disease, known as retinis pigmentosa and more common in blood-related marriages, is defined as hereditary retina.

It is treated with special glasses on which a camera is placed by placing a chip in the center of the patient's field of vision.

Excimer Laser;
It is a surgical procedure to treat anomalies such as myopic, astigmatic and hypermetropic. Laser treatment is an FDA-approved safe treatment technology.

Your doctor can determine if your eyes are suitable for excimer laser or not. Full eye examination and application of any further analysis are required to determine convenience.

Almost all defects can be corrected by excimer laser treatment. It is possible to get out of the hospital within the same day.

People who cannot be treated with excimer laser:
People who have previously had eye surgery
Keratokonus patients
Breastfeeding mothers
Patients with rheumatism
Diabetic patients
Macular degeneration

It is an eye disease that occurs in the center of the retina. It generally occurs in people over the age of 50 and can cause vision problems at an advanced level. It can be removed with photodynamic therapy developed from 2015 and drug therapy.

Eye transplant;
Indeed, it is a corneal transplant and is treated by transplanting the cornea from dead people to the patient. Healthy parts of the eye are not damaged during transplantation, and the rejection of the patient's eye tissue during transplantation has never been seen before.

It can be said that this treatment gives a positive response with 99%.

Treatment of eye diseases in Turkey;
If you contact us with your files on our website, your files will be reviewed by our expert doctors and you will be informed of your treatment process.

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