IVF Treatment Antalya Turkey

IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment Antalya Turkey

IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment Antalya Turkey

One of the methods that people who cannot have a baby use in a normal way to have the baby is the IVF method. The first test tube baby was born in the world in England in 1978. In Turkey, the first IVF birth took place on time at the Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1989. Couples can easily reach their baby, they dream of in vitro fertilization treatment.

Emerging technology and effective and efficient use of this technology in the medical field have enabled the affected people to have a baby using IVF compared to the previous periods. With the help of many health centers, the couples can reach their babies in a short time.

What is IVF treatment?
Tube baby treatment, briefly and succinctly explained, is the insemination process of the sperm and egg cells, namely the reproductive cells of men and women under laboratory conditions.

IVF is a treatment method applied to expectant mothers who cannot naturally become pregnant. This process is based on the principle of transferring the embryos formed by the combination of the man's sperm and the woman's eggs to the uterus in laboratory conditions.

In how many steps is IVF treatment performed?
A relevant and successful IVF treatment is usually held in 4 stages. Applying the IVF in the proper execution and follow-up stages of the stage by paying sufficient attention greatly contributes to couples having their desired babies.

The first stage of IVF treatment;
Detailed examination of couples treated prior to IVF treatment is the first step in IVF treatment. This step provides information to the skilled physician on how to apply the treatment process.

The things that need to be done before the application and treatment preparation process have become clear at this stage. Whether or not the expectant mother is suitable for IVF treatment is determined, and especially at this stage the requirements for successful treatment are determined.

Another advantage of this phase in IVF treatment is the determination of the tailor-made treatment method. Paying attention to this phase is very important to achieve the desired results.

The second stage of IVF treatment;
In the second stage of IVF treatment, the process of proper injection of the drug, determined by the expert physician to the expectant mother, is performed by pressurizing and controlling the egg production system.

The injection at this stage of in vitro fertilization treatment helps bring the mothers eggs to the desired level. At this stage, adjusting the dose of the given drug is the main detail that the specialist should pay attention to.

The third stage of IVF treatment;
The third stage of IVF treatment consists of obtaining the eggs and sperm, fertilizing them under laboratory conditions, and monitoring the development of the embryo. This stage is one of the most important stages in the process of achieving the desired couple for their desired baby. At this stage, the slightest error that could lead to a failed in vitro fertilization treatment would be made at this stage.

Transfer embriyo to the uterus;
Transferring selected embryos to the uterus is the last and most important stage of in vitro fertilization treatment. In a way, the realization of the process of transferring the chosen embryos to the uterus ensures the success of achieving the desired result with IVF treatment

With IVF treatment, the success rate increases with an experienced team and advanced laboratory facilities. Parallel to the advancement of technology and the increasing daily number of expert doctors in Turkey, hundreds of couples from Asian, European and African countries come to Turkey for IVF treatment.

IVF treatment is carried out in many health institutions in Turkey. We organize the entire process before and after treatment in every health center. If you contact us, our expert doctors in IVF treatment and your treatment process will be set up as soon as possible.

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